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Your Love Your Memories

Love is indescribable, love knows no bounds, the moment you first saw each other, held each others hands and said ‘I love you’ will always be treasured in your heart.

Your ceremony to celebrate your love and commitment should reflect this, tell your love story and portray the lifetime of dedication you’re making to each other. In choosing to commit to each other through a civil partnership you can plan and hold your celebration as you wish, in the location you desire, whether that’s at home, in a castle, on a beach, by a lake, under a tree, where ever you choose it is your special day.

Whether you choose a ceremony where your own vows capture everything the day means to you or a ceremony including symbolic events, hand fasting, sand ceremonies, unity candles, crowning’s or jumping the broom the day and the decision is yours.

We will help you put together your perfect day and on the day itself be there at every step to give you the celebration you truly wish for.

Your Vows

Every love is unique, no love the same, your vows should also be bespoke to you and you alone.

Our vow writing service takes your thoughts and dreams and helps you create truly personal vows.

Unity Ceremonies

As part of your special day a symbolic unity ceremony signifying your love is both steeped in history and tradition and a wonderful way of demonstrating your love and commitment to each other.

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Hand fastings - Civil Ceremonies

Hand Fastings

The origins of the Hand Fasting Ceremony can be traced as far back as 7000BC. Early hand fasting ceremonies and weddings coincided with Celtic worship. Hand fastings that took place alongside a Druid Ceremony were important in Celtic Britain, and were often reserved for the richer, elite members of societies. In this Celtic Ritual coloured ribbons are used to bind the couples hands together in unity, the couple choose up to six ribbons, each ribbon signifying a different meaning. The fastening is then sealed with a blessed Celtic cord. The tying of a couple’s hands together brings them closer and in later life although not tied physically, emotionally they remain entwined with their vows and chosen ribbons reflecting their personalities, wishes and dreams.

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Sand Ceremonies for Civil Services, gay weddings and partnerships

Sand Ceremonies

The Unity Sand Ceremony has controversial origins, some believing it began with the Native Americans and some insisting the Hawaiians were the ancestors of the legend. Both sources are mystical and romantic. Maybe both are right and the Unity Sand Ceremony arose in both places.

Where ever its origins a Sand Ceremony is romantic in its meaning and spiritual in its mysticism. Promises are made and vows taken as different coloured sand pored from individual vases into the unity vase, once poured the sands can never be returned to their individual vases, they are forever entwined as are the lives and loves of the couple.

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Salt Ceremonies for Civil Partnerships and Gay Weddings

Salt Ceremonies

Salt ceremonies can be traced to both historical biblical times and Hindu weddings. In ancient times salt figured prominently in rituals, mankind has long considered salt to be pure and representative of good luck. In times past agreements and promises were sealed by a salt covenant, each person would take a pinch of salt from their pouch and place it in the pouch of the other. The agreement couldn’t be broken unless an individual were able to retrieve their own grains of salt.

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Jumping the Broom.  Civil Ceremonies

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the broom has its origins in both Celtic and African cultures. The Celtic history is predominantly, although not uniquely, Welsh and was known as “Priodus Coes Ysgub” – “Broom Stick wedding”. In times past couples who embarked on a life together often jumped the broom symbolising the first tasks of working as a couple before picking up the broom and together sweeping the past away to their new future.

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Crowning Ceremonies for Civil Weddings

Crowning Ceremonies

The Crowning Ceremony is a very special and meaningful ritual from early times. Following vows, the celebrant calls forward two people the couple have chosen to join together the couple by placing decorative crowns, attached with a long white cord or ribbon, on each of their heads.

The crowns symbolise their unity as a couple and as Regents of their new family. Whilst entwined the couple drink from an offered “common cup” of wine to toast their commitment to each other. The crowns can be elaborate, often decorated with jewels or coloured glass or unassuming, sometimes made of garlands of flowers to represent nature and kept as heirlooms to remind the couple of their vows together.

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Unity Candle Ceremonies for Civil Weddings

Unity Candle Ceremonies

The lighting of Unity Candles is a humble and touching ritual, the symbolism of light is universal. In lighting the candle together, couple create a union of one light from two, a lightmade brighter by the union of their two families and kept as heirlooms to remind the couple of their vows.

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Music, Poems and readings for Civil Weddings

Music, poetry and readings

A special poem, a meaningful verse or an evocative piece of music can help you express your love and add special meaning to your ceremony. Your choice is endless and with no restrictions. You may have written your own poem or verse or you can choose a favourite song, a special poem or a reading from a much loved book. You might like to engage a musician, a singer or play recorded music. We can help and advise you as part of our service.

Read some of our favourite poems and prose

You can download and read from the selection of some of our favourite readings and poetry below, This is by no means an exhaustive list and we are always delighted to be introduced to your favourites.

Poems and readings for Civill Ceremonies

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All our ceremonies are bespoke to you and individually crafted. To help in planning and budgeting we have a choice of options to consider, our unity ceremonies are individually priced allowing you to create the service you wish. However please feel free to talk to us about your own specific requirements we would be delighted to tailor our services to meet your needs.

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