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Perhaps the most exciting part about holding a civil ceremony is that you get to choose where your ceremony takes place. It could be on a beach, in the mountains, a forest, high above the ground in a hot air balloon, along a river or in a canoe where you first met, the locations and possibilities are endless.

Choosing how you hold your celebration also means that you can include what ever you wish. Perhaps a dove or butterfly release, your choice of music and readings or when children are involved, with two families becoming one, a gift presentation where the children receive a special piece of jewelry, to keep and treasure, celebrating their part in your new family union.

It really is your day, your ceremony, whatever the celebration, whether you are looking for contemporary, traditional, fun or a little of each Jackie and Andrew will be delighted to help.

What ever the occasion you can be assured that we will have your wishes as our priority.

We have provided answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions for poems, readings and music, general guidelines, useful links and an outline of our fees.

If we haven’t answered your question here please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email.

Frequently asked questions


Why Choose a Civil Celebrant?

Simply to hold your ceremony as you would wish. Choosing a Civil Celebrant for your ceremony allows you the flexibility to have your wedding or celebration wherever you choose, at a time you choose, and in a way you choose, reflecting your personal beliefs and lifestyle. You can prepare your own vows, readings, poems, music, décor without restriction.

Who will conduct my service

Andrew, who is a trained and accredited Civil Celebrant with The Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC) , will meet with you and conduct all services. Jackie will help plan and arrange your celebration ensuring that on the day everything is as you would wish.

Is a Civil Ceremony legally binding?

It isn’t legally binding but forms the celebratory part of your special day. To be legally valid a UK marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorised person (for example, a registrar, a vicar or a priest) and be witnessed by two people. Most couples hold their Civil Ceremony immediately after the legal formalities.

Where can Civil Ceremonies be held?

Absolutely anywhere, a place of your choosing, a marquee in the garden, a hotel, a village hall, a restaurant, a castle or even a boat, the choice is yours.

When can the ceremony be held?

On any day and at any time! Most ceremonies happen on the same day as the legal formalities of marriage however some couples hold their Civil Ceremony the day or week after the legal process, the choice of time really is yours.

Can we include religion or prayers in the ceremony?

Absolutely if that is what you would like its your celebration.

Can we have our own choice of vows?

Yes, this is one of the truly special parts of choosing to hold a Civil Ceremony, the chance to write bespoke vows that are unique to yourselves. Andrew is more than happy to work with you to help you create the words that reflect your, love, feelings, wishes and desires for each other.

Can we meet you before making our decision?

Absolutely! Following our first conversation, normally by phone or skype, Andrew is more than happy to meet with you at your home, with no obligation, to discuss your thoughts and wishes before you make a decision.

What will you (our Celebrant) wear?

On the day Andrew will dress to suit the celebration you have planned. This can be a suit and shirt with or without a tie, formal wear or Welsh dress. Please be assured that Andrew will be professionally and appropriately attired. This is very much your day and he will ensure that he complements your style of wedding or celebration allowing you to take center stage.

If there are any questions we haven't covered here please do let us know.

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Music, poetry and readings

Whether you are planning a wedding, a civil ceremony, a naming ceremony or a funeral the readings, poems and music you choose is a very personal decision. You may have already given a lot of thought to the choices you will make or you may also be in need of inspiration. We have put together a collection of some of the music, poetry and readings that bring great joy to a celebration and can offer comfort during a time of sadness.



Our fees

Information about our bespoke civil ceremony services and fees
are available to download here.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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